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Artist Career


Cristian Armenta is a contemporary artist living and working in Mexico. 

Born in 1985 in Culiacan, Mexico, Cristian Armenta started painting since 10 years old and become a student in fine arts in Accademia D’Arte Firenze in 2004.

He has shown in exhibitions internationally and has collectors around the globe. His work has been featured by various publications including Vogue, Saatchi Online, Condé Nast, and Horror Brokers. He was also named as one of Saatchi Art's top 20 emerging artists to watch in 2020, 100 New Voices 100 Artists on Saatchi Art.

“Cristian applies paint with his hands, knives, and found industrial materials. His direct and highly physical process results in bold works that capture a range of emotions and movements.”

– Megan Wright, Saatchi Art Curator


-Solo Expo " becoming someone" at "Museo Nazionale del Bargello" Florence. July 2007

-Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie - Mexico City, October 2014. 

-Collective Exhibition "Irreverentes y Protocolarios" - April 2015 - Mexico City 

-The Other Art Fair  - New York, USA, 2018.

-The Other Art Fair  - Los Angeles, USA, 2019.

-The Forever Now - Playa del Carmen, MX, 2021.

-Tendam/ Cortefiel Collaboration, Mexico, 2021.

-Biennale io, Dubai, UAE 2022.

-To Make No Sense is OK - SLS Hotel Cancun, Mexico,2022.

-The Other Art Fair  - Los Angeles, USA, 2023. NFT Collection.


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